• Digital Curation and Preservation Bibliography, version 1, May 2010
  • KeepIt Digital Preservation Bibliography, ongoing updates

Concept Glossaries


File Formats

  • An entire blog about JPEG2000 from the Wellcome Library
  • The PRONOM file format registry


  • Dappert, A. & Enders, M. (2010). Digital Preservation Metadata Standards. Information Standards Quarterly, 22(2), 5-13. [PDF]


  • I really benefited from reading this post by John Mark Ockerbloom, editor of the blog Everybody’s Libraries.  I almost considered forgoing my own entry and just directing readers directly to his!
  • And then I found this post and was blown away by how thorough it is.  It’s really well done and I’d encourage you to check it out.
  • Brian Lavoie of OCLC wrote this introductory guide to the OAIS model.
  • These slide show presentations have excellent and concise information.
  • This page is a brief run-down of OAIS from the JISC Standards Catalogue.


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