Dear Readers

Thank you for visiting my collection of digital preservation concepts!

As you have probably guessed, I am no longer updating this blog, but I sincerely hope that it continues to serve as a resource for the basic concepts and processes that make up this (no-longer) nascent field. I’d imagine that some of these writings are no longer up-to-date, as is the inevitable nature of anything that tries to capture a digitally-focused moment in time.
The constant changes in our digital environments are exciting and call for consistent adaptation. Since leaving grad school, I have moved on to roles in the tech industry, and have learned this: Despite the institution or industry, I think that the challenge of ‘keeping up’ is exhilarating, pervasive, and always involves a gamble. In particular, digital preservation is not for the faint of heart! I applaud the passion and competency with which this field has grown to approach the preservation of valuable digital resources. Please feel free to reach out for anything.